Hello World (again) !


Penny says hi! And so do I. Hi!

It’s time that I start to get this blog going. It seems like we have been waaaay too busy creating games and totally forgot about our fans. Sorry. 

So from now on, I will promise to write a new update every friday(minimum). It will be amazing. Some new stuff and some old stuff, a little behind-the-scenes of the development that was.

The last couple of months have been really fun for Zoink. StickIt has been released on PS3, Steam PC and now in a few days we are ready for the Mac version on Steam and the AppStore. The reviews have been.. like WOW and it’s really fun to hear the feedback from all of you people out there playing the game. Even the not-so-great feedback is good to hear. We are learning so much that will help us for our future games.  I encourage you to give us more, which parts were the most fun? Which puzzles were too hard? Too easy? Favorite characters?  A good forum for feedback is our facebook site. https://www.facebook.com/stickittothemangame or my twitter @klyngeled or if you wanna go really personal info@zoinkgames.com

Anyway.. so what are we up to now? Really exiting stuff actually! Which I can’t … talk about… right now :(

But I can tell you about how this game was made and how we work.

Zoink is strange company that has done quite a few different things. Music videos for example and short animations. And the style of StickIt was kind of tried out in really stupid short animation. Even the way Ray looks is sortof in there. It’s in sweeeeedish, but check it out:


Some of you will recognize some of the other characters that even ended up in the game.

Ok, that’s it for now. More behind-the-scenes stuff in next update.

Now RANDOM PICTURE TIME! Why? Well, who doesn’t like pictures! 


This is from this years Christmas party. Santa gave us a bunch of Lego. Drinking beer and building Lego is the bestest.


Here is Linus, Maria, Ebba and Stina eating lunch. They love when I sneak in and take picture of them eating. Sorry!


Here is our office dog. She’s called Penny and she likes to poop in random spots in our office. We still love her, because she’s soooooo soft. 

Have a great weekend! 

Klaus von Zoinkberg

Stick It To The Man Is Coming To Steam!


Hello everybody, we’re got some big news for you today! Though the clue is somewhat in the title, it’s well worth repeating.

Stick It To The Man Is coming to PC through Steam! Even better, it’s coming out this month!

Exciting, right? Get it on your Christmas wishlist now & find out more about the game here - there’s lots of exciting goodies for you to uncover about the game’s Steam release. We’ll let you know one of the secrets right now, which is… trading cards! That’s right, you’re going to be able to unlock a whole bunch of them, and they’re looking mighty shiny indeed!

The Steam version will be released before Christmas, we can’t wait for you to be able to your adventure through Ray’s world & Stick it to the Man!

Weee! This week Stick It to The Man is coming out on PS3! And if that isn’t enough, check out this mind bending new trailer!

Stick It To The Man: The Reviews Are In!

It has been an exciting few days over here! The reviews for Stick It To The Man have started to come through, and we’re really happy to be able to share them with you!

PlayStation Universe - 8.5/10 - ‘it’s a game that shines due to its superbly surreal plot, gorgeous graphics and twisted puzzles.’

Official PlayStation Magazine UK - 9/10 - ’ I can think of only one reason you wouldn’t go and play this, and it’s that you hate fun’

Analog Hype - 9/10 - ‘If you love platformers and want something that’s different and humorous, Stick It To The Man should be your next purchase.’

Gamespot - 7/10 - ‘This is a dark, thoroughly ridiculous world you’re visiting, but it’s an inviting one, and its odd sense of humor, semi-absurd puzzles, and delightful action grab your attention and hold it.’

PSNStores - 4.5/5 - ‘it might be easy to let a game like this slide by; don’t let that happen. From beginning to the very end I played Stick it to the Man with a smile on my face’

Strength Gamer - 80/100 - ‘absolutely bleeding with personality and passion, and reminds me of the classic cartoons like Rocko’s Modern Life and Aahh! Real Monsters’

Punk And Lizard - 9/10 - ‘If I ever see the people responsible, I’ll probably give them a standing ovation wherever they go’

See? Told you so. We’re pretty much dancing right now!

Check this out!

Our first release of a ingame cut-scene soon more will come. Ryan North did a great job on the dialogue and the voice acting is pretty awesome too.  

Did you know Ryan writes Dinosaur Comics? http://www.qwantz.com/index.php

A first post

Hello and welcome to our little dev blog of Stick It to The Man. To start of this blog I present you a team photo of the guys at Zoink eating icecream :) If you didn’t know, Zoink is the developer of Stick It to The Man and Ripstone is our awesome publisher. 

Now we gotta get back to work. We have a game to finish!